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PiczoGame.net is Back! After 11 years!
Hello Visitor,
You may have noticed that after 11 years of being offline PiczoGame.net is back up and running. After searching through various backups, databases and files. I've managed to restore the website to the very last version it was before it was taken offline being being ported across to the now dead Yiczo website.

This website will be hosting a bigger selection of content and will be introducing music from various soundtracks such as 4chan, zone-archive, YTMND and many others.

Also to allow Google and other search engines to re-index this website correctly, I've put it online for the time being but do be aware that this website will change in terms of design and the coding standards will be updated to modern standards.

Please do bare in mind that as of 27/07/2019 this website is not mobile or tablet friendly and many things on here depend on flash, so to help push things in forward motion I will also be converting older animations and flash loops into video format and will NOT be using YouTube but rather self-hosting these videos.

The last update this website had was on 2008 so do expect this website to be a little big buggy and some things not working correctly.

Thanks for waiting and more to come during this year and beyond!

Regards & Party Hard,
Antz (aka Mootico)